If you’re an entrepreneur who tends to put their health and wellbeing right at the bottom of their very hectic priority list, then a huge welcome. You’re definitely in the right place.

I’m Lauren, the author of this blog, but also an entrepreneur, mum of three, and generally Very Stressed Person.

I started this blog as a side hobby, for me to write about health and wellbeing related stuff that I want to learn more about, and for other Very Stressed People to come along for the journey with me. That journey? Better health and wellbeing, for those of us who just don’t seem to have the time to look after ourselves as much as we should.

Not so long ago, a few weeks in fact, I was walking my kids through a park. My 18 month old was desperately trying to catch up with my 3 year old, who was trying to catch up with my 6 year old. Shooting around and around in circles, with enough energy to launch a space rocket.

Another parent in the park laughed and commented: you look like you have your hands full. I struggle with just one!

Little did he know just how true that is. That on top of those 3 energy balls, I also run my own business (a sales funnel consultancy, if you’re interested).

My day is – well, busy, I guess. 2 hours a day is spent in the car for the school commute. The kids nap time is my business time. And when I finally get the kids to bed at night, I open up my laptop to start work again. In between weekends visiting kids farms and beaches and parks, I shut myself away to work, replying to client emails, marketing my business, writing new optin pages for my clients – whatever is on my to-do list that week. And at 3am, I’ll breastfeed my youngest (yep, she still wakes through the night – if you have the answer – tell me!), whilst editing a social media post on my ipod.

I used to be a morning person. 5am I would wake, raring to go. A bit of exercise. Coffee. Bowl of porridge. But since my youngest was born, I wake exhausted. Not just mentally, but physically. And I can feel this stress and pressure taking a toll on my body and on my health.

So of course, any topic on the subject of health and wellness that I stumble upon always attracts my attention, because I know I need to start looking after myself better. But so often, these articles and suggestions are lofty ideals that just aren’t practical for people who have a busy, hectic schedule.

I wanted something different. So, given how much I enjoy blogging anyway, I thought I’d create my own blog. One that is really designed to support people like me and you, who do need to look after their health better, but don’t have a great deal of time on their hands.

So you won’t find any links to fancy Instagram posts of me doing a complicated fitness pose on the beach (I’d look far more Celeste Barber than Kayla Itsines), or gorgeous pictures of my spotless house (picture-perfect house with 3 kids? You’ve got to be kidding).

But if you want something real, practical and do-able, this is your little haven.