9 Energising Morning Rituals For Those Who Don’t Do Mornings

Even simply reading Mark Walberg’s revelation of his morning routine (2.30am wake up, 3.40am workout, 9.30am cryo chamber something-or-other….) was enough for most people to hit snooze on their alarm clocks for the 23rd time. And if you read enough articles about “successful people and their morning routine”, you’d be forgiven for thinking that unless you’ve broken your rowing record, baked a fresh batch of bread, and stood on your head for 20 minutes by the time the clock hits 5am, you’re a Big Fat Failure. But life doesn’t have to be that exhausting to get the full benefits that a good morning routine can provide. So even if you don’t consider yourself a great morning person, or you’re a lifelong night owl, here are 9 fantastic, energising morning rituals that you can easily make a go of.

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1. Do some stretches

Stretches aren’t just a great routine if you want to improve your overall fitness and flexibility. A few daily stretches are also one of the best ways you can wake your body up and boost your energy. It will get your blood flowing, and move your limbs that have been curled up in a deep slumber. You don’t have to be a yoga expert to get the full benefits of stretching – there are plenty of 5 minute exercises on Youtube you can try.

2. Prepare breakfast the night before

A good nutritious healthy breakfast is exactly what your body needs to “break” the overnight “fast” – keeping your blood sugar levels nice and steady, and providing some energy for your morning routine. But if you’re not a morning person, you might not want to spend your early hours rustling around in the kitchen. But there are plenty of recipes you can do that you can prepare the night before, such as overnight oats or a bircher museli.

3. Say “thanks”

Feeling gratitude for all the positives you have in your life is so powerful. And we are all guilty of sometimes forgetting our many blessings, whatever life challenges we are faced with. Reminding ourselves about the good and the special, can set our minds on a positive outlook for the rest of the day. It’s a great way to keep those negative thoughts at bay. Especially when your first morning thought is “why is my alarm clock just so loud“.

4. Invest in an amazing coffee machine

Coffee is good for you! That’s according to numerous studies that have linked regular coffee consumption with reduction in health risks such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Of course, drinking coffee throughout the day can also play havoc, especially with getting a good night’s sleep. So instead of consuming lots of coffee, invest in one fantastic cup of coffee first thing in the morning, for that much needed energy boost. The best rated coffee machines on the market at the moment are:

Nespresso Lattissima – from $479 from Amazon

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5. Go for a walk

Getting out into nature is relaxing, as I’ve talked about in this post about self care rituals. And a morning walk has the double benefit of getting your heart rate up and blood flowing, first thing in the morning when you’re still in that sleepy state. Find a short route near your home and get out for some early fresh air and to listen to the birds singing. It really will set you up in the right frame of mind for your day.

6. Make your bed

Getting a small morning chore complete first thing gives you a bit of mental clarity. Whether you know it or not, it’s one tiny thing off your to-do list, and makes your brain feel that little bit lighter for the day ahead. And of course, there is nothing more pleasant than going to bed at night in a nicely made bed – it will help you improve your sleep routine too.

7. Listen to Peptalk

Peptalk is a great motivational app for the time-poor. Its a free app with a great library of short, highly motivating talks. Switch this on first thing in the morning and listen to a different audio each day, and it’ll be like having your own, positive, daily coach standing beside you from the moment you wake.

Download Peptalk here

8. Write down your top task for the day in your daily planner

The secret of productivity is prioritising your most important task, and avoiding switching between multiple tasks. The best way you can do that is to write down your priority task at the start of each day. It will help you avoid distractions that could derail your goals, and keep your priorities at the forefront of your mind from the moment you wake up. Click here for a free daily planner printable that will get you started with a great productivity boost.

9. Speak to a loved one

Something as simple as communicating with someone in a positive fashion can be a huge boost your wellbeing. So even if your loved ones are a phone call away, take 5 minutes to chat to them in the morning and tell them that you love them. That little act will do more for your daily happiness than possibly anything else.

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9 Energising Morning Rituals For Those Who Don't Do Mornings
For you night owls who don't consider yourself a great morning person, here are 9 fantastic, energising and easy morning rituals that you can try out today
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