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4 Self-care Activities You Can Do With The Whole Family

family self care activities

Self-care is a deceiving practice because it’s often mistaken for being something that is limited to one person. The word “self” tends to throw people off. But why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it with the people you love most? Self-care is so important! Good news is you can enjoy self-care routines with the whole family. Not everything can be a group effort, like taking baths or journaling, but there are plenty of self-care activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Here are five self-care routines you can practice with your family!

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self care activities

Wait, I thought meditation was all about silence and mindfulness? Yep, that’s right. And it can definitely be practiced in group settings. A lot of people like to meditate in groups because it’s a great way to immerse yourself even further into your mindful experience.

You can start out slow with your family (especially if you have little ones) by tuning in for a 5-minute session. Then, work your way up to 10 or 15 minutes if you’re feeling ambitious. The key is to talk about the meditation afterwards as a group. Ask your family what they thought about the session and how they feel after spending a few minutes letting the mind relax.

Take a bike ride

self care activities bike ride

This one’s a no-brainer! Group exercise is always fun and motivational. Without it, a lot less people would opt to work out regularly. So the next time you’re planning a day of family time, consider incorporating a bike ride or other group exercise into your plans!

A bike ride gets you outside, exposes you to some fresh air and Vitamin D, and gets your body moving. Plus, bikes get you from Point A to Point B, so you can integrate a fun family excursion into your day of exercise.

Spring cleaning

self care activities

It’s time to put Marie Kondo’s philosophy to the test! Your kids may initially groan at the thought of this, but spring cleaning is a fundamental self-care activity that can be made fun.

As a family, you may start by sorting through communal items found in the kitchen or living room. Be sure to reassure your kids that it’ll be fun, and explain to them why it’s an important part of self-care. “We’re purging so that we can clear out the clutter and stay productive” or “Cleaning and organizing reduces stress levels because it’s all about getting your life in order.” Whatever you want to communicate to your kids, just make sure you emphasize how great it is to work towards being minimalists together!


family self care activities

No one is expecting you to raise mini Picassos in your living room, so don’t worry about skill levels. When you paint with your family, you can bounce ideas off each other as you embark on an artistic journey together.

Everyone will come up with different styles for their finished products, so it opens the door for intellectual discussion and creative collaboration. Not to mention, making paint strokes and dipping brushes in water is therapeutic. A day of painting is sure to lower the stress levels of the household, just as it is healthy for the heart, mind, and soul. 

There you have it—a great start to your family’s journey down the path of self-care and mindfulness. You don’t have to carve out hours on end; just take a bit of time to prioritize your family’s needs. It’s all about working towards self-improvement, and it helps to have a crew of support by your side!

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